UntitledI’ve spent the past four years in a strategic development role as Head of Emerging Technologies at brightsolid, the innovation and technology arm of publishing giants DC Thomson & Co. Ltd, I’m surrounded by amazing technologies and equally inspiring people on a day to day basis. After working in industries ranging from international financial services through to AAA games development, I can’t imagine a more open, enjoyable, and exciting environment to work in than the one made available at brightsolid.

At our core we are cloud and application hosting specialists who own and operate our own Tier 3+ UK-based data centres, with an overarching mission to deliver technical innovation backed by personal service to our customers.

I have a keen interest in my home city of Dundee, particularly when it comes to helping further develop its already impressive technology community . To that end I have co-founded the Dundee Tech Meetup and Dundee Code Club entities, in addition to acting as a STEM ambassador for Dundee Science Centre and Technology CPD lecturer for Dundee City Council. Further information on these is available in the menu at the top of the page.